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  • How do I order?
    For wholesale order or inquiries you can contact us by emailing
  • Do you have a farm shop?
    Currently we do not have a farm shop. We are a small family farm and as such can only provide chicken wholesale for scheduled pick up. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a pickup.
  • What type of chicken do you sell?
    We only sell chicken that has been pasture-raised on our farm. We work with a local butcher who does all work by hand. Our main product is whole chickens. Due to our small size, we mainly only carry whole chicken for sale. if you require a specific cut of meat, we are happy to have our butcher accomodate your needs if were are given the order with enough lead time. Please contact us to arrange this option.
  • Where is your farm located?
    We are located outside of Hagersville, Ontario (between Caledonia and Port Dover). We are approximate a 30 minute drive south of Hamilton.
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