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A Family-Owned Farm by 3rd Generation Farmers

Four Favourites Farm is owned and operated by Mark and Kristin Snyder. Together with their four children, they are dedicated to bringing the best and most responsibly-raised poultry to your tables. Mark is a third-generation poultry farmer and is proud to now call the farm he was raised on home. We love to provide fresh, healthy and responsibly-grown chicken to our customers, using over three decades of education and experience in our farming process. 

We are thrilled to say our farm is part of the Artisanal Poultry Program which is run by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. This program allows family farms to meet the demand for locally produced quality, niche and specialty market chicken. Under this program we will meet all the requirements of the CFO for quality and bio-security and will be licensed to service the restaurant, grocery and retail market on a larger scale than was previously possible.


Mark with his father, Brian, on the farm in the 1980s.



The Artisanal Chicken Program provides opportunities for small, independent, locally based farmers to meet local demands for safe high quality chicken. CFO is continually looking to meet the changing needs of Ontario chicken consumers and markets. The Artisanal Chicken program will help farmers fill local food and seasonal markets and will give Ontario consumers more choice and options in how and where they buy locally grown chicken. CFO will strive to foster close productive relationships between Artisanal Chicken farmers and their business partners based on strong artisanal values in the production and marketing of Artisanal Chicken. For more information click here


Mark was born and raised on the Four Favourites farm (formerly Davdrey Poultry).  He grew up working not only on the broiler farm but also at his family-owned hatchery, Jarvis Chicks. A graduate of the University of Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College, Mark has spent his entire life learning about the care and welfare of livestock and working within the agriculture industry from crop production, poultry breeder farms, broiler farms and livestock feed production. Mark is passionate about the welfare of animals and develops custom nutritional products through his company

M. Snyder Sales & Consulting Inc.  A father of four with his wife, Kristin, he is excited to be raising the next generation of farmers and passing on humane and sustainable methods of food production.

Hagersville, Ontario
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