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Thighs - Boneless Skinless

Smaller than grocery store thighs, these little guys pack a punch of flavour and tenderness. Thigh meat only, fillet removed. Extremely versatile and excellent on the BBQ! Order 3lbs or more and save $1 per LB

Thighs - Boneless Skinless

SKU: 94237776
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  • Please note that by raising our chickens in pasture, we are not able to control the size of our birds in the same way commercial farms do. This means our birds vary in size dramatically when they are sent to be butchered. Additionally, as we sell by weight, there are variations on how many individual pieces of product you may receive per package. For example, 1LB of chicken breasts can equal anywhere from 2-8 pieces. We do our best to sort by size before weighing and packaging. If you require a specific number of pieces or a specific size, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

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